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Lindy Focus Crowdfunding Another Transcription Project

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  • Posted Friday, February 10, 2017
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Lindy Focus Crowdfunding Another Transcription Project

Fletcher Henderson

Did you support the Chick Webb transcription project last year? Well Lindy Focus is doing it again. But who will they transcribe this time? You can help decide!

Later this spring, Lindy Focus will conduct a survey to determine the focus of their 2017 crowdfunding campaign, according to Michael Gamble. Announced on their Facebook Page on January 13, the campaign will raise money for the transcription and publication of big band charts that would otherwise be impossible to find and perform, similar to their extremely successful Chick Webb campaign last year.

The bandleaders they are considering are:

  • Fletcher Henderson
  • Earl Hines
  • and Jimmie Lunceford

These are all winners in our book! But who would you pick? Michael shares some Spotify music links to the bandleaders so you can get familiar with them in advance of the survey:

Enjoy! We'll share more as we know more.

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