Hey Mister Jesse #003

Welcome to episode #003 of Hey Mister Jesse. The show features news, Jesse's 8 favorite swinging blues and soul-drenched songs, an interview with and song by Solomon Douglas, and listener comments. (61 minutes)

00:41 Welcome to episode #003 of Hey Mister Jesse
- Over 700 listeners now!
- Johnny Nocturne's music available on iTunes
02:25 News: Yehoodi Radio
- March Guest DJ is Steven Wexler - Happy 40th Birthday, Wexie!!!
03:23 News: From SwingDJs.com: "Good sound quality version of 'Lavender Coffin'?"

- Hamp: Best Of The Decca Years
- Lionel Hampton - Proper Set

05:02 News: From SwingDJs.com: "Beautiful Jazz, Swing, Big Band LPs on eBay"

- John Cooper's shop on eBay.com

5:48 News: From Yehoodi.com: "Pandora -- another awesome music service!"

For more information: www.pandora.com

7:33 News: The Doghouse in San Francisco is moving!

For more information: www.doghouseswing.com

9:34 8-Count Swing: Groovin' The Blues
8 of my favorite swinging blues and soul-drenched songs

8. "Let The Good Times Roll" by Linda Hopkins - Wild Women Blues
7. "Twist City" by Ray Bryant - Dancing The Big Twist
6. "Money's Gettin' Cheaper" by Charles Brown - So Goes Love
5. "Blues Medley" by P. Anne Everson-Price - J Curve Cincinnati Jazz Collection, Vol. 3: The Blues
4. "Wild Women (Don't Have The Blues)" by Dennis Rowland - Jazz Moods: Groovin' The Blues
3. "Stormy Monday" by Gene Harris w/ Niki Harris - Down Home Blues
2. "One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer" by Jimmy Witherspoon - Jazz Me Blues
1. "Kansas City Riffs" by Buster Smith - Legendary Buster Smith

Past Trivia: Who does this version of "Splanky"?
Answer: "Jazz Theme" by Tito Puente - Cha Cha Chá: Live at Grossinger's

New Trivia: What notable Lindy Hop performance was done to the following pieces of music? And what was so notable about it?
Track 1. "Time's Gettin' Tougher Than Tough" by Jimmy Witherspoon - Jazz Me Blues
Track 2. "Soul Shoutin'" by Shirley Scott - Soul Shoutin'

- If you know the answer, drop us an email.

26:54 Promo: Yehoodi Talk Show

Interview: Solomon Douglas

For more info, email Solomon at srcd@alum.mit.edu
or join his yahoogroup Corner Pocket.


Song: "Dark Eyes" by the Solomon Douglas Trio - Unreleased

53:38 Audio Feedback
Comments from Bill Borgida, Ben and Sheri Yau, Abdel Presume, Jana Stow, Marc D'Olimpio, Spuds, Kelly Lautt (recommends DC Six, audio software for cleaning up LP recordings

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