Hey Mister Jesse #005

Welcome to episode #005 of Hey Mister Jesse. The show features Jesse's review of new releases, Spuds' tech review of the DC Six audio restoration software, and our listeners' 8 favorite swinging spiritual songs. (49 minutes)

00:46 Welcome to episode #005 of Hey Mister Jesse
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- Thanks to Erin M M Sweeney, my lovely fiancé, for the fabulous voice-over work on the show.
- In case you didn't know, that was Lavay Smith and Chris Siebert giving us a taste of "Hey Mister Jesse!" at the start of episode #004.
07:13 News: Yehoodi Radio
- May Guest DJ is Dave Hall from Saskatoon, Canada (in Saskatchewan)
- Exciting news coming soon - stay tuned!
08:20 News: Happy Birthday Bessie Smith, Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington!
09:23 News: Reviews of something old and something new
- Mary Stalling's first-ever recording: Cal Tjader Plays, Mary Stallings Sings
- Kid Koala's latest release: Some Of My Best Friends Are DJs
14:33 Tech Corner: Spuds reviews the audio software DC Six from Tracer Technologies
- The Verdict: Spuds is completely sold! (Jesse too!)
- Thanks to Kelly Lautt for the suggestion
20:35 8-Count Swing: Taking the 8-Count Swing to a higher level - AGAIN!
8 of the listeners' favorite swinging spiritual songs.

8. "Operator" by Manhattan Transfer - The Manhattan Transfer Anthology: Down In Birdland
- Recommended by Veit Hailperin (from Germany, I think)
7. "Take It To Jesus" by Tamela Mann - Diary Of A Mad Black Woman Soundtrack
- Question from Bronwyn Bryant
6. "Working On A Building" by B.B. King - Sings Spirituals
- Album mentioned by Nathan Malone from Austin, TX
5. "Shadrack/When The Saints Go Marching In" by Louis Armstrong - The California Concerts
- Recommended by Allen Kerr from Washington, DC
4. "This Little Light Of Mine" by Sam Cooke - At The Copa
- Recommended by Stacy Spaulding from Washington, DC
3. "Down By The Riverside" by The Benny Green Trio - Testifyin'!
- Inspired by "Shorty" Dave Jacoby from NY, NY
2. "Bye and Bye" by Kermit Ruffins - Putamayo Presents Kermit Ruffins
- Recommended by Kevin Tamura from Seattle, WA
1. "There's A Tree" by Wycliffe Gordon and Carrie Smith - The Gospel Truth
- Recommended by Rayned Wiles from Washington, DC
- Speaking of Wycliffe, he will be performing for Dawn Hampton's 78th Birthday bash in Dallas, June 9th - 11th. Both Manu and I will be there to celebrate with Dawn!

Past Trivia:
What is the name of this swinging spiritual number? And who does it and off of what album? You'll have to listen to the show to hear the song!
- Correct answer came from Kavin Tamura in Seattle, WA:
"Battle Hymn Of The Republic" by Montey Alexander - Live! At The Montreaux Festival.

Bonus Track:
"Love To Give" by The Glide Ensemble - The Sounds of Hope
- Better yet, buy it directly from Glide.

45:30 Feedback
- Nora McMahon in San Francisco, CA shares the updated website for her performance group Loose Change: www.loosechangedance.com
- Spuds plays his ringtone for when I call him

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Theme music: "Hey Mister Jesse!" by The Johnny Nocturne Band