Hey Mister Jesse #023

Welcome to episode #023 of Hey Mister Jesse. November's show features plenty of news, songs by Denmark's Swingstryke 7 and Montreal's Nikki Yanofsky, the 8-Count Swing taking a trip around the world and lots of comments from our listeners. (64 minutes)

00:43 Welcome to episode #023 of Hey Mister Jesse.
01:54 News: Little Beat Records
- Swingstryke 7 - Right On!
- Leo Mathisen - 1940-41, Take It Easy
- You can order both CDs by emailing the label. Be patient as the guys running the label are a small group of swing enthusiasts (like us!), not a major reseller like Amazon.
02:44 Song: "Doodlin'" by Swingstryke 7 - Right On!
12:06 News: Yehoodi Radio
- November Guest DJ is Jerry Warwick (Dallas, Texas)
14:05 News: Hey Mister Jesse On Your Phone?
- You can now listen to Hey Mister Jesse on your cell phone!
- "Podlinez is a free service that lets you listen to podcasts on your phone."
- Call
- For more information: www.podlinez.net
16:10 News: Recent Find
- Gaucho - Deluxe

News: Hep Records Spotlight on eMusic
- "Jubilee Swing" by Chick Webb - Strictly Jive
- "At The Fat Man's" by The Dorsey Brothers - Casino Gardens Ballroom 1946
- "Surrey With The Fringe On Top" by The Eddie Thompson Trio - Ain't She Sweet
- More information about the label: Hep Records

And if you want to enjoy some great non-swing music to use up some of your eMusic downloads, check out all albums by Sharon Jones!


News: Electronic Music Update
- "On The Sunny Side Of The Street (Bombay Dub Orchestra Remix)" by Dizzy Gillespie - Rewound & Reworked - Jazz Remixes Vol. 2
- "Jeepers Creepers (Fort Knox Five Remix)" by Louis Armstrong - Rewound & Reworked - Jazz Remixes Vol. 1

27:10 News: More On Buying Mp3s Online
- eMusic's new software eMusic Remote for managing your downloads - puts them right into iTunes!
- iTunes has lowered their iTunes Plus tracks (high-quality and DRM-free) to 99 cents! Isn't competition great for the consumer?
- "Let The Good Times Roll" by Eva Cassidy and Chuck Brown - The Other Side

8-Count Swing: Goes Around The World
8 swinging songs from 8 different countries in 8 different languages!
- Inspired by comment from listener Alex

8. Iceland: "Bilavisur" by Bjork - Gling-Glo (available from Amazonmp3 and iTunes Plus)
Yes, Bjork rocks the swan outfit!
7. Sweden: "Otchi Tchornya" by Gunhild Carling and her swing band - That's My Desire
6. Holland: "Sidonia" by Sing, Sax & Swing Show - Sing, Sax & Swing Show
5. France: "Le Blues Des Coccinelles" by Ornicar Big Band - 144 Dance Avenue
4. Zimbabwe: "Umsebenzi Uphelile" by The Cool Crooners of Bulawayo - Isatilo
3. Mauritius: "Mari Nica Swing" by Eric Triton - Swing Around The World
Check out a video of Eric Triton performing live: www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJpXCKEWnGk
2. Japan: "Swing Shinakya Imiganai" by Fujiyama Charoll - Socosoco Swing
1. Hawaii, USA: "Rock-A-Hula Baby" by Amy Hanaiali`i Gilliom and Willie K - Nostalgia (available on iTunes)


New York, USA: "Tee Say Malee" by Slim Galliard and Slam Stewart - Chronological Classics 1945 Volume 2

Please let us know if YOU have an 8-Count Swing suggestion.

51:18 Feedback
- Matthew Riddle (Cambridge, England) writes with compliments about Little Beat Records and David Berger's interview
- Alex (somewhere in the South Bay, CA) writes that the album "Misbehavin'" by Nell Carter and the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus is available on Amazonmp3.
- Hans Moberg (Stockholm, Sweden) lets us know that he wants the iTunes links back because European listeners can't purchase tracks yet from Amazonmp3.
- Linda Maxwell (Santa Cruz, CA) reminds us about the "50 free songs" referral bonus for signing up new listeners.
- Phil Shapiro (Boston, MA) lets us know about tunecore.com, a service that helps get independant artists into digital music stores.

Song: "Betcha Nickle" by Nikki Yanofsky - free download

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