Hey Mister Jesse #015

Welcome to episode #015 of Hey Mister Jesse. March's show features lots of news, another episode of 2-Second Spins, an interview with George Gee, unreleased songs by The George Gee Swing Orchestra, and listener comments. (67 minutes)

00:48 Welcome to episode #015 of Hey Mister Jesse.
01:59 News: Yehoodi Radio
- March Guest DJ is Rob Moreland from Raleigh, NC.
03:43 News: Recent Finds
- Linda HopkinsMe & Bessie
- Ella Fitzgerald – Complete 1940 NBC Broadcasts
10:24 News: 1920s-40s Swing & Jazz Radio Shows
- Greg Poppleton from Australia has compiled a great resource of swing and jazz radio shows, with links to purchase all of the recordings from amazon.com.
- For more info: www.gregpoppleton.com - click on "OTR CDs" link
11:36 News: The eMusic.com 3-for-1
- You get three songs on emusic.com for the price of one track on iTunes.
- Jesse's three recommendations for March:
- "Paige 'N T.C." by The Texas Trumpets – The Texas Trumpets
- "TV Is The Thing This Year" by Diane Reeves – Good Night, And Good Luck
- "Things Ain't What They Used To Be" by The Swingville All-Stars – Gentle Duke
- For two great lists of Lindy-friendly tracks on eMusic.com, visit Nathan Malone's profile on eMusic.com.
18:02 News: "Swing Radio" Online
- New podcast called "LIVE FROM THE HOTEL BRIDGEGATE" featuring some of Southern California's top swing musicians, brought to you by Russ Reinberg, a clarinetist who guest stars with Jonathan Stout's Campus Five and big band.
- For more info: www.westlakerecords.com/podcast.html
20:56 2 Second Spins
- Jesse has to guess songs based on 2-second intros to swinging songs.
- Play along at home!

ANSWERS (don't read if you haven't listened to the show already):

- Song 1: "Streamliner" by The Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra - Calling All Jitterbugs (available in iTunes)
- Song 2: "Big Fine Daddy" by Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers - Everybody's Talkin' 'Bout Miss Thing (available in iTunes)
- Song 3: "Your Feet's Too Big" by Fats Waller - The Centennial Collection (available in iTunes)
- Song 4: "Strut" by Jimmy Smith - Dot Com Blues (song, not album, available in iTunes)

28:34 Song: "The Push" by The George Gee Swing Orchestra - Unreleased
31:25 Interview: George Gee
- For more information about George Gee and all of his releases, visit www.georgegee.com
- Visit George's myspace.com page to hear clips from his upcoming release "If Dreams Come True"
- George Gee's record label - www.gjazzrecords.com
- You can download and listen to George's interview with Count Basie here.
53:12 Song: "Ball Of Fire" by The George Gee Swing Orchestra - If Dreams Come True (to be released soon!)

Audio Feedback

- Audio comment from Tim from Portland, OR about songs for jam circles
- Comments from Anne Bernstein and Bronwyn Bryant about February's 8-Count Swing
- Check out a killer video clip of Ella Fitzgerald scatting with Count Basie that we found on Henrik Eriksson's great blog about swing, jazz and blues

1:06:18 Thanks