Hey Mister Jesse #019

Welcome to episode #019 of Hey Mister Jesse. July's show features new music from Australia, tons of news, a handclappin' 8-Count Swing, and listener feedback. (69 minutes)

00:40 Welcome to episode #019 of Hey Mister Jesse.
01:49 News: Adam Hall & The Velvet Playboys
- Jump blues band from Perth, Australia
- New CD entitled "I've Got News For You"
- Features legendary saxophonist Big Jay McNeely
- For more information about the band and to purchase the CD: www.adamhall.com.au
09:00 News: Yehoodi Radio
- Impending rate hikes (set to take effect on July 15th!!!) to royalty rates threaten internet radio, specifically Yehoodi Radio
- Please visit www.savenetradio.org to find out how to contact your representative in congress urging them to support the Internet Equality Act.
- July Guest DJ is Dan Parshall (Knoxville, TN)
11:49 News: We All Love Ella (follow-up)
- Discussion of the PBS special
- User feedback about 13-year old Nikki Yanofsky's perfomance of "Airmail Special"
- Jesse's note: not sure why I couldn't find this before recording the podcast (user error with google apparently), but Nikki has an impressive website: www.nikkionline.ca
17:49 News: Swing Mash-ups
- DJ Dabe Murphy in Washington DC has put together some swing mash-ups
- What is a mash-up?
- To download these swing mash-ups, visit: www.dabe.com/swing
22:36 News: What's Swinging on eMusic?
- "Caledonia" by Curley Bridges - Mr. Rock and Soul
- "Blues On A Swring" by Chris Whiteley - Blues Party
- For more information about Chris Whiteley: www.chriswhiteley.com
- "Wings N Things" by Bob Wilber (alto sax) and Dick Hyman (organ) - A Perfect Match
30:22 News: iTunes Plus
- Finally…iTunes is selling DRM-free music
- For increased cost of $1.29 per track
- "You Send Me" by Rachelle Ferrell (available in iTunes)
- "L-O-V-E (Italian Version)" by Nat "King" Cole (available in iTunes)
24:27 News: Recent Finds
- Nat "King" Cole - Transcriptions
- Bob French - Marsalis Music Honors Bob French (available in iTunes)
- Ryan Shaw - This Is Ryan Shaw (available in iTunes)
- Thanks to Jim Wheatley posting about Ryan Shaw in the "Danceable Soul and R&B" thread on Yehoodi.com
- Check out Manu's event Swing And Soul happening December 7th - 9th in Atlanta, GA
42:47 News: The Puppini Sisters CD Give-Away
- We have a winner…Alex.
44:31 8-Count Swing: Hand Clappin' - Let's Get This Party Started
8 of my favorite swinging songs featuring some solid hand clapping.

This topic was recently brought up on swingdjs.com in the "Songs with hand-clapping on the backbeat" thread.

8. "Meet Me In Uptown" by The Mighty Blue Kings - Meet Me In Uptown (available in iTunes)
7. "Solid As A Rock" by Count Basie (voc. Deep River Boys) - Complete Original American RCA-Victor Recordings
6. "Shout Sister Shout" by Lucky Millinder (voc. Sister Rosetta Tharpe) - Apollo Jump (song, not album, available in iTunes)
5. "Yes Indeed" by Tommy Dorsey - Yes, Indeed!
4. "I Diddle" by Dinah Washington - The Complete Dinah Washington on Mercury, Vol. 4 (1954-1956) (available in iTunes)
3. "Safronia B" by The Love Dogs - I'm Yo Dog
2. "School Days" by Dizzy Gillespie - School Days (available in iTunes)
1. "Smooth Sailing" by Ella Fitzgerald - Ella: Best Of (available in iTunes)


"I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water (live)" by Lou Rawls - Anthology (song, not album, available in iTunes)

1:00:01 Feedback
- Comment from Jonas Pettersson (Uppsala, Sweden) about the Lone Hill Jazz label. He recommends the Duke Ellington album Complete Gus Wildi Recordings and More on the European version eMusic.com.
- Correction from Kevin Tamura (Seattle, WA) regarding our mention of the Lone Hill Jazz label.
- Marc D'Olimpio (used to be from Prague, recently moved to France) suggests a new contest.
1:08:13 Thanks