Hey Mister Jesse #032

Welcome to episode #032 of Hey Mister Jesse. August's show features the Nagel-Heyer label highlighted on eMusic, the divas of swing in a new 2-Second Spins, a delicious 8-Count Swing, lots of audience feedback and a Bob Marley vs. The Squirrel Nut Zippers mash-up! (68 minutes)

00:42 Welcome to episode #032 of Hey Mister Jesse.
01:37 News: Yehoodi Radio
- August Guest DJ: Freddie Dickinson (Seattle, WA)
03:23 News: The Squirrel Nut Zippers and Bob Marley Have A Swinging Love-Child
- "No Squirrel No Cry" by DJ G3rst
- Bob Marley's "No Woman No Cry" vs. The Squirrel Nut Zippers' "Prince Nez"
- To download this mash-up for free, visit www.g3rst.com
- To check out other mash-ups, visit www.mashuptown.com
06:14 News: Na Hoku Hanohano Awards
- 2008 Best Female Vocalist Album: Napua Greig - Pihana
- To check out all 2008 award winners, visit www.mele.com/na_hoku_hanohano/2008
09:27 News: LindyGroove's 7th Anniversary Party Review
- Live swinging music with Barbara Morrison and Johnny Boyd!!!
- For more information about LindyGroove: www.lindygroove.com
12:20 News: Recent Finds
- Blue Harlem - Talk To Me (available from AmazonMp3, iTunes Plus and eMusic!!!) (Thanks to Hayden for this recommendation!)
- Jimmy Witherspoon - Definitive Black & Blue Sessions: With Panama Francis' Savoy Sultans (available from AmazonMp3, iTunes Plus and eMusic!!!)
16:51 News: Nagel-Heyer on eMusic
- "Yacht Club Swing" by Ralph Sutton - Sweet Sue (The Music Of Fats Waller - Volume 1)
- "Harlem Sundown" by Dan Barrett - Harlem 2000
- "Papa What Are You Trying To Do To Me I've Been Doing It For Years" - by Randy Sandke The Re-Discovered Louis & Bix
And check out all Nagel-Heyer selections available on eMusic.
23:49 2-Second Spins: The Divas of Swing
- Jesse has to guess songs based on 2-second intros to swinging songs.
- Play along at home!

ANSWERS (don't read if you haven't listened to the show already):

- Song 1: "Massachusetts" by Maxine Sullivan - A Tribute To Andy Razaf (available from AmazonMp3, iTunes Plus and eMusic!!!)
- Song 2: "Alright, Okay, You Win" by Peggy Lee - The Best Of Miss Peggy Lee (available from AmazonMp3 and iTunes Plus)
- Song 3: "Going To Chicago" by Ernestine Anderson - When The Sun Goes Down (available from iTunes)
- Song 4: "They Raided The Joint" by Helen Humes - The Definitive Black & Blue Sessions: Let The Good Times Roll (available from AmazonMp3, iTunes and eMusic)


8-Count Swing: Food Songs
8 of my favorite swinging tracks about food.

8. "Free Eats" by Girls From Mars - Planet Swing (available from AmazonMp3 and iTunes Plus)
7. "Pork Chops And Mustard Greens" by Ernie Andrews - Jumpin' Like Mad
6. "Beans and Cornbread" by Louis Jordan - And His Tympany Five
5. "All That Meat And No Potatoes" by Louis Armstrong & Velma Middleton - Satch Plays Fats (available from AmazonMp3 and iTunes)
4. "Potato Chips" by Slim Galliard - Laughing In Rhythm (available from AmazonMp3 and iTunes)
3. "Shoo Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy" by Stan Kenton's Orchestra with June Christy - Retrospective (available from AmazonMp3 and song-only available from iTunes Plus and eMusic!!!)
2. "Banana Split For My Baby" by Louis Prima - Collector Series (available from AmazonMp3 and iTunes)
1. "Frim Fram Sauce" by Diana Krall - All For You (available from AmazonMp3 and iTunes)


- "Save The Bones For Henry Jones" by Nat King Cole - Nat King Cole (available from AmazonMp3 and iTunes Plus)
- "Cheesecake" by Louis Armstrong - The Best Of Louis Armstrong Vol. 2 (available from AmazonMp3 and iTunes Plus) (and check out the great video on youtube.com)

Producers Picks on Yehoodi Radio:
As a companion to the podcast, I record a monthly show for Yehoodi Radio called "Producers Picks". During August, tune in to listen to the songs from this 8-Count Swing in their entirety:
Mondays: 3pm Eastern / 12pm Pacific and 2am Eastern / 11pm Pacific
Thursdays: 12pm Eastern / 9am Pacific and 11pm Eastern / 8pm Pacific

Please let us know if YOU have an 8-Count Swing suggestion.

45:22 Feedback
- Kristin Buxton (Pasadena, CA) tips us off to tracks by Acker Bilk & His Paramount Jazz Band available on Amazon's mp3 service for FREE.
- Wil Reed (Connecticut) recommends the track "A Smooth One" from the album Strawberry by The Asylum Street Spankers (available from AmazonMp3, iTunes Plus and eMusic).
- Marc D'Olimpio (France) recommends an intense version of "Stormy Monday Blues" by Bobby "Blue" Bland from the album The Anthology (available from AmazonMp3 and iTunes Plus).
- Robert Cullen (Netherlands) writes in about dancing live to Bernard Berkhout's big band and recommends looking for used copies of The Big 18's albums on www.amazon.de.
- Jimmy Sapienza (Pittsburgh, PA) thanks us for mentioning his band on the show and shares his band band recording (with a great slide show!) of I Love Pittsburgh on youtube.com.
- Henrik Eriksson (Uppsala, Sweden) recommends "Beale Street On A Saturday Night" by Calvin Boze and Comfy Chair's Party On The Titanic (available from AmazonMp3 and iTunes Plus). Don't forget to regularly read Henrik's great blog Swing, Jazz and Blues - Dance To The Music, especially his recent post about how you can support his blog.
- Morgan Day (Orange, CA) recommends The Firecracker Jazz Band's album "Explodes".
1:03:13 Thanks

Song: "No Squirrel No Cry" by DJ G3rst