Hey Mister Jesse #100

This is a special edition of the Hey Mister Jesse audio podcast done in video format. Jesse gets a surprise show taping with Spuds and in front of a audience of friends. Special international guests and a comeback of "Two Second Spins" rounds out this celebration of 100 HMJ podcasts.

Check out the video:

00:00 A Gift from Marc & David: Fund drive for the Hey Mister Jesse Show
00:50 Show Intro - Introductions
- The story of a suprise party that almost didn't happen.
05:00 HMJ News - Another surprise for Jesse (well, not really a surprise)
- How the show gets made
- Audience introductions
09:20 Skype call with Henrik Ericsson
Henrik joins us from Upsalla, Sweden
19:00 Special Greets
Morgan Day - Southern California DJ
21:17 Flashback: 2 Second Spins!
Spuds challenges Jesse and the audience to som 2 second spins.
29:00 Special Greets
David Afonso - Lisbon, Portugal DJ
31:30 Skype call with Marc D'Olimpio
Marc joins us from Vienna, Italy
42:30 Special Greets
Jose Tello - Seattle, WA DJ
44:40 Jerry Almonte's DJ Challenge
Discussion about DJing music featuring swing musicians recording today.
49:25 Flashback: 2 Second Spins one more
One more try to stump Jesse.
50:30 Special Greets
DJ Gerst
53:30 Special Greets
Rich Werden - Musician, Dancer, The Riz!
55:12 Ben's Bike Rides
Audience member Ben Nathan talks about riding his bike and listening to EVERY HMJ episode!
59:20 Wrap-Up
Thanks to Mister Jesse for doing this podcast Thanks to Johnny Nocturne for the great theme music!
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