Hey Mister Jesse #120

Episode #120 of Hey Mister Jesse is now available to download and enjoy. December's show features brand new music from Ron Sunshine, a holiday-themed 8-Count Swing including the New Hampshire Jazz Orchestra's new release and tons of international audience feedback. (96 minutes)

00:50 Welcome to episode #120 of Hey Mister Jesse for December 2015.
02:00 News: eMusic Aquired by Triplay
Read about this aquisition.
06:14 News: George Gee featured in Nautica Holiday Ad Campaign
- Watch the ad.
- "Baby It's Cold Outside" by George Gee Swing Orchestra (available on CDBaby, AmazonMp3 and iTunes Plus).
09:07 News: What's New With Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox?
- "The Thong Song" by Postmodern Jukebox featuring Blake Lewis (available on iTunes Plus).
- Watch the video.
- Read Scott's blog post How I Learned To Play Music.

Side note:
- "Killing Me Softly" by Robyn Adele Anderson (available on Bandcamp).
- Watch the video and support Robyn.

16:26 News: Brand New Ron Sunshine!!!
- "One Link Of Chain" by Ron Sunshine - Bring It Home (available on AmazonMp3)
27:11 8-Count Swing: The Holiday Edition

8. "Shooby Doop Christmas" by Marcus & Monika - Shooby Doop Christmas Single(available on AmazonMp3, iTunes Plus and eMusic!!!)
7. "Santa Claus Is Makin' His Rounds" by Lala Deaton - Picture Perfect Christmas (available on CDBaby, AmazonMp3 and iTunes Plus)
6. "Jingle Bells (feat. Carolyn Martin)" by Well Swung (available on CDBaby and AmazonMp3)
5. "Cool Yule" by New York Nightingales - Holiday EP (available on CDBaby, AmazonMp3 and iTunes Plus)
4. "Let it Snow" by Perseverance Jazz Band - PJB Christmas 2014: The Slipper Sessions
3. "Christmas Time in New Orleans (Live)" by Dukes of Dixieland - A New Orleans Holiday (available on CDBaby)
2. "Christmas Is Where You Are" by The Jive Aces & The Three Belles - Christmas Is Where You Are (available on AmazonMp3, iTunes Plus and eMusic!!!)
1. "Winter Wonderland" by New Hampshire Jazz Orchestra feat. Taylor O'Donnell - Swingin' For The Holidays

49:57 Feedback
- David Soltysik (Silver Springs, MD) recommends "Santa Claus Got Stuck in My Chimney" by Ella Fitzgerald - 1950 (available on AmazonMp3, iTunes Plus and eMusic!!!).
- Shaun (Utah) recommends "When Buddha Smiles" by Benny Goodman - Benny Goodman Plays Fletcher Henderson (available on AmazonMp3, iTunes Plus and eMusic!!!). Jesse and Manu also recommend "Lucas With The Lid Off" by Lucas - Lucasentric.
- Philippe Crompton-Roberts (Hong Kong) recommends "Mary Lou Williams Blues" by SIX MEN AND A GIRL - The Mary Lou Williams Collection 1927-59 (available on AmazonMp3, iTunes Plus and eMusic!!!).
- James Guidera (Wellington, NZ) recommends "Blue Drag" by Dancing & Drinking Society - Red Delicious (available on Bandcamp).
- Katie Sewell (Birmingham, UK) recommends "All My Life" by The Basin Street Brawlers - It's Tight Like That! (available on AmazonMp3, iTunes Plus and eMusic!!!). Jesse also recommends "Up A Lazy River" by The Mills Brothers & Count Basie - The Board Of Directors (available on AmazonMp3 and iTunes Plus).
- Omar Myers (Seoul, South Korea) recommends "Baby It's Just You" by Lynda Carter - Fallout 4 (available on iTunes Plus).
- Wil Reed (CT) recommends "Carl's Blues" by Carl Perkins - Introducing...Carl Perkins (available on AmazonMp3, iTunes Plus and eMusic!!!).
- Jose Tello (Seattle, Washington) recommends "At The Fat Man's" by Tommy Dorsey - Live in HiFi at Casino Gardens (available on AmazonMp3, iTunes Plus and eMusic!!!).
- "Super" Heidi Van Der Wijk recommends "Squeeze Me" by Claude Bolling - A Tone Parallel to Harlem - Tribute to Duke Ellington (available iTunes Plus). Check out a great video of Claude Bolling performing.
- Marc D'Olimpio (Vienna, Austria) recommends "The Goon Drag" by Sammy Price & His Bluesicians - Swing Gold Collection (Lester Young Vol.2 1939-41) (available on AmazonMp3 and iTunes Plus) and "Rock-a-Bye Basie" by Johnny Otis - Spirit Of The Black Territory Bands (available on AmazonMp3 and iTunes Plus).
- Morgan Day (San Diego, CA) recommends "They Raided The Joint" by The Roy Eldridge Sextet - Vintage 50's Swedish Jazz 1949-1961 (available on AmazonMp3 and iTunes Plus). Be sure to check out Morgan's great blog, Ickeroo.com.
- Henrik Eriksson (Uppsala, Sweden) recommends "Blues (My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me)" by Wilbur De Paris - Jazz Foundations, Vol. 75 (Wilbur de Paris) (available on AmazonMp3, iTunes Plus and eMusic!!!). Be sure to check out Henrik's great blog, Swing, Jazz and Blues - Dance To The Music and become a fan of his blog on Facebook.
1:34:00 Thanks
Thanks to Johnny Nocturne for the great theme music!
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