Hey Mister Jesse #138

June's show features an international 8-Count Swing with new releases from The Big Butter Jazz Band, Lewis Franco & the Missing Cats, Amanda Brown & The Common Ears, Enric Peidro Swingtet, Milk Crate Bandits, Carolina Reapers Swing, The Cope Street Parade, The New Orleans Jazz Vipers and The Swing Ninjas and plenty of international audience feedback. (78 minutes)

00:43 Welcome to episode #138 of Hey Mister Jesse for June 2017.
01:37 News: eMusic Updated
06:13 News: The Future Of Lindy Focus
- Read the most recent update.
- Jesse recommends "I Need A Lift" by Jimmie Lunceford & His Orchestra - The Jimmie Lunceford Collection 1930-47 (available on AmazonMp3, iTunes Plus and eMusic!!!).
10:49 News: Savory Collection Vol. 3: Honeysuckle Rose
- Read about this latest release.
- "Milumbu" by John Kirby & His Orchestra - Savory Collection Vol. 3 - Honeysuckle Rose (available on iTunes Plus).
15:10 8-Count Swing: New International Releases

8 new swinging releases from around the world.

8. “Undecided” by The Big Butter Jazz Band - Squeeze Me (Available on CDBaby)
7. “All Shiny New” by Lewis Franco & the Missing Cats - With Cousin Joe, Sonny Joe and Grampa Joe (feat. The Brown Eyed Girls) (Available on CDBaby)
6. “Spinning Top” by Amanda Brown & The Common Ears - Medicinal Biscuit (Available on Bandcamp)
5. “Shorty George” by Enric Peidro Swingtet - Happiness Is A Thing Called…Jazz! (Available on Bandcamp)
4. “King of King Street” by Milk Crate Bandits - The Neighborhood (Available on Bandcamp)
3. “Savoy Blues” by Carolina Reapers Swing - Unseasonably Hot (Available on Bandcamp)
2. “Dream Come True” by The Cope Street Parade - Townie Ramble On (Available on Bandcamp)
1. “Save the Bones for Henry Jones” by The New Orleans Jazz Vipers - Live and Viperizin' (Available on Bandcamp)

- “My Belle” by The Swing Ninjas - Live at WOMAD (Free Download) (Available for FREE on Bandcamp)

47:02 Feedback
- Katie Sewell (Birmingham, UK) recommends "Let's Do It" by Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington - Stockholm Concert 1966 (available on AmazonMp3).
- Andy Nguyen (Charlotte, NC) recommends "Summertime" by Earl Hines - Blues & Things (available on iTunes Plus and eMusic!!!).
- Ben Gladnikoff (Tel Aviv/Stockholm) recommends "Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean" by Miss Mikey May and the Organ Grinders - Swing Out The Blues (available on Bandcamp and AmazonMp3).
- Patrick O’Brien (London, UK) recommends "Moten Stomp" by The Vitality Five - The Vitality Five (available on AmazonMp3 and iTunes Plus).
- David Aghassi (Menlo Park, CA) recommends "Ol' Man Mose" by Connie Francis - Songs to a Swinging Band (available on AmazonMp3 and iTunes Plus). Jesse accidentally recommends "Ol' Man Mose" by Eddy Duchin with Patricia Norman - Eddy Duchin - Best Of The Big Bands (available on AmazonMp3, iTunes Plus and eMusic!!!) and "Ol' Man Mose" by Lindy Hop Heaven - Lindy Hop Heaven (available only from Peter Davis himself - hit me up for his email address.).
- Wil Reed (CT) recommends "Dead Presidents" and "Ohh Shoo Bee Doo Bee" by The Big Three Trio featuring Big Joe Maher - We Got Rhythm.
- Morgan Day (San Diego, CA) recommends "Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea" by Dicky Wells & His Orchestra - Dicky Wells In Paris (available on AmazonMp3 and iTunes Plus).
1:16:51 Thanks
Thanks to Johnny Nocturne for the great theme music!
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