Hey Mister Jesse #146


February's show features Jesse's New Orleans visit recap, new releases from Chance Bushman & The Ibervillianaires and Miss Mikey May & The Organ Grinders and plenty of international audience feedback. (73 minutes)

01:04 Welcome to episode #146 of Hey Mister Jesse for February 2018.
01:57 News: Choice Music For Lindy Hop Spotify Playlist
- Created by Josh Collazo of the Candy Jacket Jazz Band.
- "Dutch Treat" by Rex Stewart - Jazz Foundations, Vol. 62 - Rex Stewart (available on AmazonMp3 and iTunes Plus and eMusic)
04:25 News: Patreon Update: Glenn Crytzer Format Change
07:20 News: New Kickstarter Project: Megan & Her Goody Goodies - Come and Get It Honey
09:07 News: Jesse's New Orleans Visit Review
- Bands: Preservation Hall Band, Smoking Time Jazz Club, Frog & Henry, Doreen's Jazz New Orleans, Lena Prima, G & The Swinging Gypsies, The Ibervillianaires, Shannon Powell
- Clubs: Preservation Hall, D.B.A., The Spotted Cat, Bamboula's, Hotel Monteleone Carousel Bar, 21st Amendment
- Event calendar: WWOZ calendar of events
- Music shopping: The Louisiana Music Factory
- "The Beekeepers" by The Ibervillianaires (Facebook) - The Beekeepers (available from the band)
40:30 News: New Release from Miss Mikey May
- "You Better Deliver" by Miss Mikey May & The Organ Grinders - Stay With It (available on Bandcamp)
47:27 Feedback
- Ron Waters (Hartford, CT) has a correction.
- Katie Sewell (Birmingham, UK) shares her 30th birthday party update. Contribute to her SIFA Fireside fundraiser effort.
- Thanapong Phimsen (Shanghai, China) asks a sensitive question and recommends the music of Lindy Hop Heaven (contact Peter Davis directly to order their CDs - hit me up for his email address).
- Yulai Liu (Guangzhou, China) recommends "Alright, O.K., You Win" by Ella Fitzgerald With The Tommy Flanagan Trio - Cabaret (available on AmazonMp3).
- Morgan Day (San Diego, CA) recommends "Feather Merchant's Ball" by Teddy Powell - Ridin' The Subway (available on AmazonMp3, iTunes Plus and eMusic!!!)
- Henrik Eriksson (Uppsala, Sweden) recommends "You've Got To Give Me Some" by Sarah Lenka - I Don't Dress Fine, Sarah sings Bessie Smith (available on AmazonMp3 and iTunes Plus) and "You've Got To Give Me Some" by Clarence Williams - Nervous Breakdown (Best Of) (available on AmazonMp3 and iTunes Plus). Don't forget to check out Henrik's great blog Swing, Jazz and Blues - Dance To The Music.
1:11:11 Thanks
Thanks to Johnny Nocturne for the great theme music!
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