Hey Mister Jesse #152

September's show features new releases from Swingwagon, The Waller Creek Vipers, The Schwings Band, Dennis Lichtman and ProleteR and plenty of international audience feedback. (92 minutes)

00:53 Welcome to episode #152 of Hey Mister Jesse for September 2018.
02:06 News: Gunhild Carling Moves to San Francisco Bay Area?
- Yes!
05:33 News: Swing Rendez-Vous!
- Learn more about and support this project here.
08:29 News: South African Transcription Project
- Learn more about and support this project here.
- "Unomeva" by Dolly Rathebe and the African Inkspots - From Marabi to Disco (available AmazonMp3 and iTunes Plus and eMusic!!!)
12:46 News: Virtual Crate Digging at Archive.org
- "Wham (Wham, Re, Bop, Boom, Bam)" by Doctor Sausage And His Five Pork Chops (available on archive.org) (more about Doctor Sausage)
- "The Booglie Wooglie Piggy" by The Andrews Sisters (available on archive.org)
17:55 News: Crazy Rich Asians
- "Wo Yao Ni De Ai (I Want Your Love - I Want You To Be My Baby)" by Grace Chang and by Jasmine Chen - Crazy Rich Asians (available AmazonMp3 and iTunes Plus and eMusic!!!)
24:49 News: Hold Tight, Shine Bright
- "The Hold Tight, Shine Bright Project is about keeping familes together. All Proceeds of this album go to RAICES Texas."
- "Una Grand Familia" by Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats - Hold Tight, Shine Bright (available Bandcamp and iTunes Plus)
31:45 News: RIP Aretha Franklin (1956-2018)
- Learn more about Aretha.
- "Good Times" by Aretha Franklin - The Queen Of Soul (available AmazonMp3 and iTunes Plus)
- "Evil Gal Blues" by Aretha Franklin - The Queen In Waiting (available AmazonMp3 and iTunes Plus)
- Listen to the collaborative Aretha! playlist on Spotify.
39:31 Feature: New Releases

3. "All The Cats Join In" by Swingwagon - Introducing Swingwagon (available on Bandcamp)
2. "Minerva" by Waller Creek Vipers - Bespoke Bounce (available via email)
1. "Swing Paradise" by The Schwings Band - Flying Home EP (available on Bandcamp)

- "7 Express" by Dennis Lichtman - Just Cross The River (available on Bandcamp)
- "Whatever Blues" by Proleter - Bubbles EP (available on Bandcamp)

1:17:01 Feedback
- Yulai Liu (Guangzhou, China) recommends "Cymbal Promenade" by The Freddie Brocksieper Solisten Orchester - Swinging Ballroom Berlin Disc 4 (available on AmazonMp3 and iTunes Plus) and "Choo-choo-boogie" by The Hazy Osterwald Quintett - Swing In Europa 2 (1946-1954) (available on AmazonMp3 and iTunes Plus.
- Wil Reed (New London, CT) recommends "Swing Out In The Groove" by Sam Price - Sam Price: 1929-1941.
- Katie Sewell (Birmingham, UK) recommends "Lollipop Mama" by Clarence Samuels - Blues Story 1 (available on iTunes Plus).
- Morgan Day (San Diego, CA) recommends "Oh Yes, Take Another Guess" by Ella Fitzgerald with Benny Goodman's Orchestra - The Legend Collection: Benny Goodman (available on AmazonMp3, iTunes Plus and eMusic!!!) and "Take Another Guess" by Leo Mathisen with Peter Rasmussen and his Swingin' Seven - To Be or Not to Be: 1941-42 (available on AmazonMp3 and iTunes Plus).
1:30:26 Thanks
Thanks to Johnny Nocturne for the great theme music!
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