Hey Mister Jesse #164


September's show features an 8-Count Swing of new European swinging releases from Zimi's Hot Swing Thing, Swingin’ Cats Club Band, Clara & The Scarlet Swing Band, The Sweet Peppers, Perry Gordon & His Rhythm Club, Timber Men Stompers, The Schwings Band, David Lukacs and The Swing Shouters and a plenty of international audience feedback. (63 minutes)

00:42 Welcome to episode #164 of Hey Mister Jesse for September 2019.
01:32 News: Fundraising Updates
- Support the new big band album from The Puppini Sisters. For contributions between now and Christmas, you will receive the bonus "Lost & Found" album, a collection of unreleased recordings from The Puppini Sisters.
09:30 8-Count Swing: New European Releases
8. "My Jukebox" by Zimi's Hot Swing Thing - My Jukebox (available on Bandcamp).
7. "Look-A-There" by Swingin' Cats Club Band - Swingin' Cats Club Band (available on AmazonMp3, iTunes Plus and eMusic!!!).
6. "I've Found A New Baby" by Clara & The Scarlet Swing Band - Swing Tunes (available on Bandcamp).
5. "Summertime" by The Sweet Peppers - Classics (available on Bandcamp).
4. "My Kinda Lady" by Perry Gordon & His Rhythm Club - Perry Gordon & His Rhythm Club (available on Bandcamp).
3. "I've Got The World On A String" by Timber Men Stompers - Live In Shanghai (available on Bandcamp).
2. "Zuzu Blues" by The Schwings Band - Fyodar (available on Bandcamp) & "Tain't What You Do" (available on Bandcamp).
1. "Dream City" by David Lukacs - Dream City (available on Bandcamp).

- "Tailor Made" by The Swing Shouters - Tailor Made (available soon on Bandcamp).

48:30 Feedback
- Ken Wallace (South Pasadena, CA) recommends "The Back Room Romp" by Rex Stewart & His 52nd St. Stompers - Duke Ellington: The complete 1936-1940 Variety, Vocalion and Okeh Small Group Sessions (song, not album, available on AmazonMp3 and iTunes Plus).
- Wil Reed (CT) recommends "Jeannine" by Ellis Mano Band - Here And Now (available on AmazonMp3 and iTunes Plus).
- Heidi van der Wijk (aka Superheidi) (Rotterdam, Netherlands) recommends "Castle Rock" by John Coltrane & Johnny Hodges - First Giant Steps.
1:00:54 Thanks
Thanks to Johnny Nocturne for the great theme music!
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