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ILHC 2014 Live Broadcast ILHC 2014
Live broadcast of the International Lindy Hop Championships Aug 22 - 24!
Hey Mister Jesse Hey Mister Jesse
Music from Adam Hall & The HMJ Awards on the next Hey Mister Jesse.
SwingNation SwingNation
Swing bandleader Jonathan Stout talks music and Lindy Hop on this Special Edition of SwingNation.
Frankie 100 Frankie 100
Watch portions of the Frankie Manning Centennial in NYC brought to you by Yehoodi, May 23 - 25!
Yehoodi Radio Yehoodi Radio
Yehoodi Radio salutes Modern Swinging music this month on Guest DJ Thursdays.

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Jean Veloz 90th Birthday Jam Reaches 1 Mill Views!

Jean Veloz 90th Birthday Jam Reaches 1 Mill Views! We love this video of legendary lindy hopper Jean Veloz celebrating her 90th birthday with a birthday jam in Bangkok. And apparently we aren't the only ones! The video has received over 1 million views (1,099,909 at the time of this story) and been...

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Update on "Quenelle" Routine at ILHC: Apologies from William

Update on After publishing our story on the controversial "quenelle" routine by William and Irene Mauvais at the 2014 International Lindy Hop Championships, there's been a slew of discussions and debates about the routine and the meaning of the "quenelle"...

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Post ILHC 2014 Wrap-Up and Thanks

Post ILHC 2014 Wrap-Up and Thanks On behalf of, we want to thank the hundreds and hundreds of you who tuned in for our live broadcast from the 2014 International Lindy Hop Championships. Our goal was to exceed in every way what we accomplished at the past two ILHCs. Here’s...

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Official Statement on the "Quenelle" and Intolerance at ILHC

Official Statement on the The 2014 International Lindy Hop Championships was a fantastic showcase of artistry, energy and the joy of lindy hop. That said, there was one routine performed during the Pro-Am division by William and Irene Mauvais that has caused quite a big stir....

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Charleston Lindy Exchange (CHEX) 2015
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New Swing Dance Class in Queens NY!!
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Grenoble Swing Dance Festival
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September 7th Sock Hop Sundays...
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Albuquerque Fusion eXploration 2015...
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