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Hey Mister Jesse Hey Mister Jesse
The Cope Street Parade and songs from Cats & The Canary and Project Trio on Hey Mister Jesse #107
SwingNation SwingNation
Skye Humphries chats with us and more great stuff from Bobby White on the next SwingNation!
ILHC 2014 Live Broadcast ILHC 2014
Live broadcast of the International Lindy Hop Championships Aug 22 - 24!
Frankie 100 Frankie 100
Watch portions of the Frankie Manning Centennial in NYC brought to you by Yehoodi, May 23 - 25!

Yehoodi is a global community of Lindy Hoppers.

Lindy, jitterbug, swing dance… Whatever way you say it, we welcome anyone that loves this music and this dance.

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SwingNation #66: Skye Humphries

SwingNation #66: Skye Humphries Our buddy Skye Humphries calls in to have a nice casual chat with the gang about Lindy inspiration and the amazing follows he gets to work with. Bobby White drops another awesome blog post and The Northern Lights cool team routine. Watch SN #66 right now!

SwingNation #65: Scott Cupit

SwingNation #65: Scott Cupit Swing Patrol co-founder Scott Cupit joins the gang from London for a chat. Also, why Lindy Hoppers stop Lindy Hopping and what famous boxer has great rhythm? SwingNation #65 punches you in the face.

80s Sitcom Version of "SwingNation" Show Open

80s Sitcom Version of Spuds decided to re-envision the show open for "SwingNation" as a 1980's era sitcom, complete with the soft jazzy intro music, freezeframes, slow city establishing shots, and other more. Warning: For those of you of a certain age, this might provoke...

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Remembering Mark Tortorici

Remembering Mark Tortorici From our friend Amy Wong: The Southern California music and swing dance community is reeling from the sudden and devastating loss of one the most talented and influential gentlemen in our ranks. Mark “Torch” Tortorici beloved bandleader, musician,...

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The Boston Tea Party 2015
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Hicksville Long Island...
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Lindy Hop Beginner Class in Queens!!
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Sock Hop Sunday December 21st!
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Sock Hop Sunday November 30th!
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