Resources to Support Someone with Addiction Issues
major problem. Recovering addicts meet regularly to help each other stay clean. The National Suicide : Resources and meetings for friends and family wanting to support someone with addiction issues
Is Lindy Hop Art or Entertainment? [op-ed]
"entertainment." : Entertainment makes us feel good. It doesn’t surprise us; it meets our expectations. And entertainment. But I am not sure that it meets Neil's definition of challenging or disrupting world
The Tranky Doo Mozambican Style!
greatest. From the Maputo Afro Swing dance exchange in March, apparently. I had the opportunity to meet
Hey Mister Jesse #013
Meetings (1941) 54:18 Audio Feedback - Rich (TheRiz on Yehoodi) asks about the Anita O'Day/Gene Krupa
Hey Mister Jesse #117
Francisco, CA) recommends "You Dirty Dog" by Duke Ellington - Duke Ellington meets John Coltrane
Hey Mister Jesse #073
favorite tropical tracks where Hawaiian music meets swinging jazz. 8. "Hula Girls" by Keahi
Hey Mister Jesse #019
Me In Uptown" by The Mighty Blue Kings - Meet Me In Uptown (available in iTunes) 7. "Solid As A Rock recently brought up on in the "Songs with hand-clapping on the backbeat" thread. 8. "Meet
Support #HellaBlackLindyHop at ISDC in Houston
The International Swing Dance Championships is an annual meet-up and competition for the urban
Hey Mister Jesse #017
of Representatives. A similar bill will be introduced soon in the Senate. In recent meetings with
Hey Mister Jesse #142
Carmen McRae & Sammy Davis Jr. - Boy Meets Girl (available on AmazonMp3 and iTunes Plus). - Ben
Hey Mister Jesse #086
(Portugal) recommends Red Allen - Three Classic Albums Plus (Red Allen Meets Kid Ory / We've Got Rhythm
Hey Mister Jesse #101
, TX) 1. "Eight, Nine & Ten" by Hetty Kate & Gordon Webster - Gordon Webster Meets Hetty Kate (also
Hey Mister Jesse #105
Sharon's dance at Herrang 2001. - "The Cat Walk" by Gerry Mulligan and Ben Webster - Gerry Mulligan Meets
Hey Mister Jesse #025
Armstrong meets Oscar Peterson (available from Amazonmp3 and iTunes) 5. "When My Sugar Walks Down
Help the Cleveland Junior Jitterbugs Get to ILHC & Camp Hollywood
other youth who are involved in the dance scene, meet some of their swing dance heroes, and hear stories
Hey Mister Jesse #030
Noge with John Watson - Yoko Meets John I totally forgot to mention this during the show: As a
Hey Mister Jesse #124
) recommends "Open Invitation To A Rainstorm" by Emily Asher's Garden Party - Meet Me In The Morning
Hey Mister Jesse #014
Eldridge, Harry “Sweets” Edison and Clark Terry – The Trumpet Kings Meet Joe Turner - “Hit That Jive
Hey Mister Jesse #145
AmazonMp3 and iTunes Plus) and "Doin' The New Lown Down" by The Bob Florence Trio - Meet The Bob
Hey Mister Jesse #139
and iTunes Plus) - "Spreadin' Rhythm Around" by JC Hopkins Biggish Band - Meet Me at Minton's
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