Stuff We Liked: Naughty Solo Jazz, the Evolution of Swing, How to Make a Swing Album

Solo Performance | Nathan Bugh & Naughty Swing .jpg

This week, we are loving this video of Nathan Bugh dancing a sweet solo jazz routine with the Naughty Swing group of Taiwan. Great musicality, character and quirkiness! 

Other stuff we liked this week:

  • Our friend Bobby White is putting his toe into the deep waters of swing podcasting with "Swungover" episode 1. In his first show, Bobby pulls out a bunch of heavy hitters including Hilary Alexander, Josh Collazo, Michael Gamble, Jonathan Stout, and Naomi Uyama to answer the question, "What is it like to make a swing album in the modern era?" To get to the answer, you'll just have to listen in.
  • Check out this sweet blog post on Kinja about how one person unexpectedly found lindy hop from a video game: "From Dance Dance Revolution to the Charleston."
  • We might quibble about what they chose to include and exclude in this "evolution of swing" video, but it's pretty fun nonetheless. I'm still not convinced "neoswing" is an actual dance.

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