Hey Mister Jesse #027

Welcome to episode #027 of Hey Mister Jesse. March's show features lots of exciting news, a tribute to Hawaiian musical legend Aunty Genoa Keawe, the 8-Count Swing at the movies, audience feedback and plenty of swinging music! (81 minutes)

00:43 Welcome to episode #027 of Hey Mister Jesse.
Check out why Spuds is under the weather.
01:59 News: Yehoodi Radio
- February Guest DJ: Bill Speidel (Norfolk, Virginia)
04:33 News: Nikki Yanofsky Teams Up With Herbie Hancock and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
- Check out the audio book and listen to Nikki performing Stompin' At The Savoy.
10:09 News: New Release
- Catherine Russell - Sentimental Streak (available from AmazonMp3 and iTunes Plus)
12:29 News: eMusic Goes Trad Jazz (Listener Favorites)
- "The Five Pennies" by The Famous Castle Jazz Band - The Five Pennies (recommended by Robert Barbier)
- "Wrap Your Cares In Rhythm And Romance" by Banu Gibson - Love Is Good For Anything That Ails You (recommended by LindyGroove house DJ Vicky Chan)
- "Savoy Blues" by Kid Ory - Kidy Ory Plays The Blues (recommended by Nathan Malone - check out all four of Nathan's Albums For Lindy Hoppers).
- "My Little Grass Shack In Kealakekua, Hawaii" by Firehouse Five Plus Two - Around The World (pilfered from Spuds!)

News: Aunty Genoa Keawe RIP
- Aunty Genoa Leilani Keawe (1918 - 2008)
- Visit www.genoakeawe.com to learn more about her legendary musical career.


Song: "Do The Hula/Not Pau" by Hula Joe & The Hut Jumpers featuring Aunty Genoa Keawe - Hula Joe & The Hut Jumpers


8-Count Swing: Soundtrack Gems
8 of my favorite swinging tracks found on movie soundtracks. This 8-Count Swing topic was suggested to me by Patty Holmes from Houston, TX (come join Patty, Spuds and me at The Great Southwest Lindyfest in Houston from March 14th-16th).

8. "I'm Beginning To See The Light" by Kelly Rowland - Mona Lisa Smile Soundtrack (available from AmazonMp3 and iTunes)
7. "Caldonia" by Mos Def - Lackawanna Blues Soundtrack (available from iTunes)
6. "Jumpin' At the woodside" by Chris Boardman - Out to Sea Soundtrack
5. "All of Me" by Dick Hyman - Sweet And Lowdown Soundtrack (available from iTunes)
4. "Business Of Love" by Domino - The Mask Soundtrack
3. "Stuff Like That There" by Bette Middler - For the Boys Soundtrack (available from AmazonMp3 and iTunes) - check out The Swingalings' dance performance.
2. "King Porter Stomp" by Kansas City Band - KC After Dark (More Music From Robert Altman's Kansas City) (available from AmazonMp3 and iTunes)
1. "Blues In The Bucket" by Spencer Wyatt Big Band - The Majestic Soundtrack

- "Chickens In The Mood" by The Chickens - Pecker Soundtrack

Please let us know if YOU have an 8-Count Swing suggestion.

49:42 Feedback
- Discussion of Native Instrument's free Beatport Sync DJ software.
- Daniel Ng (Melbourne, Australia, formerly from London) writes about Pandora.com being blocked outside of the U.S.
- James Pustejovsky (Chicago, Illinois) recommends Fletcher Henderson's Architect Of Swing feature on NPR's Jazz Profiles podcast.
- Bernard Berkhout (Netherlands) shares a video of him performing back in the 80s! Look for Bernard, the clarinetist who plays the solo after the second trompet solo.
- Robert Cullen (Eindhoven, Netherlands) recommends comedian Hans Teeuwen's tribute to Frank Sinatra Hans Teeuwen Zingt. Thanks to Chantal for her pronunciation lesson!
- Morgan Day (DJ @ Coffee Depot, Riverside, CA and Strutter's Ball, Orange, CA) recommends The Midiri Brothers' album A Shaw Thing.
- Henrik Eriksson (Uppsala, Sweden) recommends Lannie Garrett's album Kick It! (available from AmazonMp3 and iTunes Plus). Don't forget to regularly read Henrik's great blog Swing, Jazz and Blues - Dance To The Music.

Song: "Carina" by Alessandro Paci (shared with us by Alessandro's wife Willow and her podcast From The Hills Of Florence).

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